February 03, 2018

Naisha at 35, running her own CA firm, married for more than a decade with 2 lovely kids aged 7 and 5, with a comfortable house, her life was perfect that every girl dreams of.. But today a random conversation about marriage and sex with her school friend Rihanna traumatized her.

Somewhere she was ignoring an issue that needed to be addressed immediately, else it would lead to a distressing effect on her relationship with her husband. In fact, she never even gave it a deep thought until Rihanna made her cognizant of how necessary it is to keep the spark of physical intimacy alive irrespective of whether other stuff keeps you too occupied.

The conversation left Naisha feeling depressed and miserable!

Naisha had gradually stopped wanting sex.

She recalls; it began with a simple ‘not tonight baby’ and soon turned into a habit. Before anyone realizes it would lead to a broken marriage or else an extramarital affair which one would come to believe is as common as greeting Good Morning to everyone you first meet in the day. And if my husband has mentioned this to his close friends, OMG! It would be so embarrassing.

Probably the reason for loss of libido in me, apart from blaming hormones is being too busy with work at home or at office, kids, physical, mental and even financial stress. I am aware that this has not happened overnight; I have been ignoring it for long and never thought how my husband would be feeling and thinking. Naisha, you need to pull yourself up and make it happen, our sex life is already on a ventilator and you can’t make it die an unnatural death.

Firstly; I need to do something about my own stamina and body, I know I cant look the same way that I did in my early 20s but I need to start working out from today itself. Secondly; kids, after all it all began with them, they are reasonably sensible now, at least on Saturday nights they can stay at their Grandparents’ place. Thirdly; we need to try out new ways of love making, after all that was what we used to like so much. Fourthly; taking out time. Irrespective of how important other things are, everything else can wait but not our love, it has to be priority. Lastly; support from my husband which, I am confident would be the easiest part since he has always given me his unconditional support.

Don’t give up Naisha, it’s just about getting things right. Sex can’t take a back seat just because there are other seemingly important things to worry about.


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