The repercussion of being Teenage Rebel

Young pretty hot Shanaya was at elevated energy levels in her 17th year and was not too worried about her 12th board exams and career choices thereafter. She was confident that 2 months of regular studies will give her the desired results to make her parents proud.

She just wanted to enjoy the undivided attention of guys around her and guys from senior college too, especially one senior, Zishan Mehra who was not only the school topper but a marvellous singer and guitarist. In fact, all guys and girls in Zishan's gang were simply amazing and talented; they were good in studies as well as extracurricular activities.

But Zishan was just so different, an ideal guy any girl would want in her life, he still seemed to be single as all were just his friends with no special girl. Not just me but all girls just waited for his one look and one day we met at a common house party.

Obviously, it was me who approached and introduced myself and that was it, the next day after school Zishan actually came and not just said hello but asked me to join him for a night out.

I was stuck, stuck on him... I mean this is all I wanted....he is the heartthrob...who would deny the opportunity to be with him. And from that moment our series of dates started.

My mother has been quite suspicious about the same but till now, I have always managed to dodge her. But somehow she has started asking me a lot of questions about Zishan. It's astonishing how parents know so well about what's going on with us?

Today is Zishan's birthday, he has arranged for a party at his own resort and I have to be with him. All his friends would be there but no mutual friend of ours. But I know I will find a way out, I can't resist his charm. As the board exams are 3 months away Dad has warned me for no more night outs but this one I have to manage, it's his Birthday after all.

Mom and Dad at the time are becoming too overprotective and I feel suffocated, God knows what fears they have.

Zishan is also forcing me this time to come, I feel he also has a thing for me. I am trying my best to convince my parents and friends.

Finally, they agreed with a caveat, that this going would be my last night out. Also, I managed to buy a nice Rado watch for Zishan with all my savings, hope he likes it.

And the day came when it is Zishan's birthday, and I think I am more excited than him, from wishing him at midnight to sending his favourite flowers and cake. As the evening was approaching my heart was racing, I reached my friend's place, got ready and there was Zishan standing, he had came to pick me up. I was dumbstruck, he was looking like a prince in black and wow he has a BMW too. Thank God, Zishan has a lot of money too, I was happy about my choice. I was feeling like a princess myself, all the girls around town want this guy and he is with me, if not love actually that strong liking is definitely there from both side.

And then we reached the resort, it was so big with the right music, food, lights, and people. Zishan offered me alcohol and when I told him it's my first time, he just held my hand and said don’t worry I am there to take care, trust me, you just let go of yourself.

It was 3 and I was feeling sleepy but just didn't want this night to get over, Zishan's each word was hitting my heart, I felt like I am falling in love. We ate from the same plate, tasted the same dessert, it was amazing, nothing in the world could have been better.

Suddenly I heard a loud knocking at the main door, we came down, Zishan's friend came and told that there are cops. In a fraction of second, my dreamy world started to fall, I clenched Zishan's hand and there were tears in my eyes. Zishan wiped off my tears and said Shanaya I will take care of this, just don't worry at all. And somewhere I regained my strength and felt confident, that yes my Zishan will take care of me. 

Cops started creating a nuisance, Zishan went to talk with the main cop, took him out, made him talk over the phone, offered him some money and that's it, they left.

Zishan came near me, smiled and said where is my gift? I burst out in tears and just hugged him like it was my last hug today. He drove back to drop me around 6 in the morning, I was wondering for a goodbye kiss but it was just a plain bye. But this was the best night of my life.

I reached home in the morning, my mom asked how was your night, I said wonderful, but deep down started to think that if my parents would have got to know about this, they would have been shattered. I promised myself that day that whatsoever happens I will not do anything without informing them. At least they should know where I am and with whom. Also after my boards, I would invite Zishan home and introduce him to my parents. 

I feel that Zishan likes me too, the way he has handled the situation last night reflects how mindful he is, Zishan told me later while he was driving me back that he made the cop speak with his Dad, he said that we as teenagers feel that our parents don’t know anything and just boss around but truth is that they are best to guide us as they have already passed through that phase.


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