February 10, 2018

No strings attached, fuck buddies, casual sex, one-night stands, friends with benefits – not sure if any more categories are there in addition to this.

Yes, friends these types of relationships exist, rather it is a culture of hooking up that has become popular among school students, college students and young and middle-aged adults. But are they really worth? Is it possible to have a purely sexual relationship without feelings? What measures should one follow to avoid emotional, mental, physical breakdown?

Above questions are difficult to answer but not impossible. Let me try to elucidate nitty-gritty of this complicated arrangement.

But are they really worth?

There are a growing number of people who are more open about their sexuality and want to enjoy without the emotional baggage that comes with love and relationships which satisfy their carnal desires. While No Strings Attached hook-ups are not for everyone, having a little fun without commitment is possible for many people. When there are no expectations, no disappointments. If one can go into a relationship with a switch to turn your feelings on and off, then you are a winner and made for No strings attached hookups.

Is it possible to have a purely sexual relationship without feelings?

Oh Oh Oh now this is a tough one.

Physiologically, psychologically men and women are different.

So for a man, I would say it’s the easiest thing on earth, he only needs to be physically attracted to her. I would say for a man it is like eating dinner, good to eat dinner with someone you are in love with but even if you are not eating dinner with good company is fun,  then dining alone.

However women are complicated, not all but many are. Most women cannot have a sexual encounter and not feel hurt if a man does not call again, stay in touch and that weird feeling of being used and being called only for sexual requirement makes them obnoxious and move on. Women need to be very clear not only about men but her own intention. And we poor women are so driven by hormones, after orgasm women release a hormone called oxytocin – the famous love hormone, cuddle chemical, that generated feelings of bond and love. That is why regardless of women logical thoughts about the man over you at that point in time, sex is often confused with love.

What measures should one follow to avoid emotional, mental, physical breakdown?

Firstly don’t think too much, just go with the flow, let it be what it is. Stop complicating it, just because you don’t know how to handle your own feelings.

Secondly, do not expect too much from each other, as long you treat each other with respect and takes care of each other in bed, that is all required in the perfect casual sex partner.

Thirdly please be safe, never compromise on your health. Make sure you can trust each other, always use protection. There is no point having great sex which ends in any sort of sexually transmitted disease and of course an unwanted pregnancy. Never never never be embarrassed to discuss it with each other. If other is resistant to it then don’t let him or her anywhere near your hole or rod. Being safe means being able to relax and enjoy yourself, if one is not agreeing to, chuck them immediately.

Lastly, keep acting like friends, not lovers, keep it light, too many dates confuse the status of your relationship. Make it strictly about sex, laughter, there is no need to be overly-loving.

I always believe that its all about choices we make and choices we don’t make in life. Whatsoever best works between consenting adults are fine, I am nobody to judge, it is purely my thoughts my opinion. Having relationship without developing strings is easier if you just want to have some fun and learn more about your sexual needs.


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