January 21, 2018

It has been a year and 3 months since sexy, young, beautiful and, good hearted Naisha tied the knot. She got married after completing her CA and is content with her job as an assistant with Mehta & Mehta, one of the reputed CA firms in Baroda. Naisha was very happy and excited about her marriage and had no qualms about her parents’ chosen life partner. Initial one month was exciting because both of them were warming up to each other. But, gradually things started to change; Naisha has no issues with the behavioral aspect of her husband but when it came to romance, it was a big turn off.

Naisha never had any high expectations but neither were they zero. Her husband was never rude or blunt. In fact, was very caring, but, when it come to romance there was nothing.

Naisha had grown up watching romantic movies of SRK and Hollywood movies where the initiation of physical intimacy starts with romance and it remains till the end. But in reality, there was not even a drop of romance.

While sipping her morning coffee at her office desk she remembered how sad her first time was?

It happened 10 days after her marriage, when both of them were on their honeymoon in Bali. The atmosphere was full of romance, they came back from dinner, she expected that they would start making out as soon as they entered their suite, that he should pull her up in his arms, but what a big disappointment; he wanted to rush to the washroom, as his bladder was full.

Naisha’s fantasy was broken into pieces, but she still had hopes left. He came out, pulled her close and started kissing on her lips. How absurd? Naisha always thought it would start from holding her closer, caressing her hair and, kissing her slowly on the lips.

They finished kissing, within minutes they undressed, love making was over in the next 5 minutes and that was it. Naisha was still confused if this is all. Indeed yes, because he was already half asleep.

The whole night Naisha kept thinking of what happened to the slowly undressing part, kissing all over and where the hell was the caressing and foreplay. Nothing, absolutely nothing, and nothing much has changed even after more than a year.

Our session lasts for 4-5 minutes with absolutely nothing that I want. One day while watching a Hollywood movie I mentioned to him how beautifully they make love, the answer I got was, “Oh come on,  it’s a movie they get money to showcase this.”

Someone should tell him; this is the most satisfying part. But this is it, what movies portray doesn’t exist in reality. I don’t want to be the docile lot but I have failed to convince him.

No wonder, lack of sex is one of the main reasons why some Indian women have started initiating extramarital affairs easily because one needs to fulfill their carnal desires.

Leave it be Naisha. Hold back your thoughts and continue with your work.


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