Only If – Love is for Real

March 03, 2023

Does real, true love even exist??

On planet earth or even on other planes that have life forms. I have my own doubts & theory too.

For ages we have heard, that relationships are precious and everything to the human race. However, in today's era same doesn’t stand so true.

Most people are giving up on relationships too soon. Love is a process and if one is aware of the love phases, both partners can cognizably act accordingly, increasing the scope of relationship survival.

It starts when Harry meets Sally and their science of love (please check my earlier blog on love science) comes to play. Both are filled with excitement, and passion, always looking forward to sharing experiences, and expressing warmth. I would like to call this as infatuation/attraction phase.

As time passes, the second phase seeps in.

The reality phase, for me, is the most crucial of all phases. As per a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan magazine, 67% of breakups happen at this phase. At this phase, the couple starts noticing the flaws, which they completely overlooked in the attraction stage. The romance balloon bursts, making the entry easy for arguments, and conflicts. This phase is the real test of love.

In case a couple learns how to communicate more and compromise {(though I don’t like this “compromise” word), adapt works better} with each other, the relationship sees the light of phase 3.

Third phase - Stability phase, believe me, nothing is stable in life (pun intended), but by this time Harry & Sally have created a more comfortable space for themselves. They have a deeper level of trust and intimacy. This is more like an acceptance phase too, one by now knows that there is no J Lo and Brad Pitt out there waiting, so better to hold on and revive the love by ironing out differences. The key is to start working toward common life goals which could be harmony, kids (BIGGEST of ALL), work, a better lifestyle, and emotional/physical intimacy.

The final phase – is maturity.

Congratulations dear couples!!! If you have made it so far, your relationship has evolved successfully. Few days you may miss the first phase thrill, and action, but the confidence and stability at this stage will keep you going. Keep in mind this phase can be boring but gives security.

So which phase are guys and how long you were in that phase before moving to another?? It all depends on both partners, each phase needs a unique approach and mindset to be dealt with love, commitment, and confidence. Love would continue to grow strong and enduring.

 So for me, real love is, loving a not-so-perfect person but perfectly loving them for life.



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