January 05, 2018

“Shanaya its 7:15. Wake up or you will surely miss the school bus again today.” I nicely curled up to another side on my bed as I heard my mother’s voice, trying to wake me up like every day.

“Oh NO, it’s really 7:15. Get up and rush Shanaya, your bus will not wait after 8. And then you have to request Dad to drop you off and I don’t want that.”

The 15 minute drive is no less than a mind boggling question answer session. I can’t go through that on a Monday morning and that too when there is the semifinal cricket match of Zishan. I have to be with him with a free mind and good spirit, so I am almost ready, where is my favourite perfume, I must wear it today. After all it is Zishan’s big day. Why can’t I find things at the right place in my room, Mom must have tried to arrange stuff. Why can’t Mom and Dad just let me be free and be the decision maker, why are they so interfering?

Forget it I will not be able to find it. “Mom I am ready, I am using your Burberry today.”

Mom asked” Shanaya what is so special today?”

“Nothing Mom trying to get over Monday blues.”

“OK fine come fast and finish your breakfast.”

“It’s already 7:50. I will get late, no time for breakfast.”

“Don’t worry, Dad will drop you, he is leaving early for office today.”

“Mom I will go by the school bus.”

Here comes Dad, “Good Morning Dad, you carry on I will manage by bus.”

“No problem Shanaya I will drop you, I am taking the same route. Come let’s have breakfast together. Mom also has to leave early. Ladies I will drop both of you.Wow it is Shanaya’s favourite jeera alu and puri for breakfast, come let’s eat.”

So finally we all left together, we dropped Mom and now Dad will start his Q&A.

“So Shanaya how are things?”

“All good Dad.”

“How are studies going on, your final exams are coming in 2 months?”

“Dad, I am doing fine, need to focus on Maths and Science.”

“Let me know for any help Shanaya, you need to gear up for the boards next year.”

“Well, how are Tia and Zishan?”

“Both are fine Dad, today is Zishan’s cricket semifinal.”

Dad replied, “Oh that’s great. I have seen Zishan playing cricket in the club on Sundays, he really plays well. Wish him luck Shanaya from me. I know he would be in the finals and be the Man of the Match too.

Here, we have reached, have a good day sweetheart and let me know if you need anything, I am always there to listen.”

“Thanks Dad, bye, have a good day.”

Well dad is not that bad, he does give me my required space, accepts my friends and understands me well. I think we children only misunderstand our parents.

There’s Zishan, ready for the big day.


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