January 01, 2018

There comes my princess Kiara from school after celebrating her 7th birthday. Dad smiled and welcomed her and asked how the celebration at school was? Kiara giggled and explained all the fun she had with her friends and her favorite teacher. Dad than requested her to go her room, change, have lunch and take some rest. Later in evening big party is arranged for birthday. There comes Mom, today she has prepared Kiara’s favorite food, she feels so special on her birthday. Everyone showers so much love.

But for Kiara everything seems to be incomplete without her fantasy world friend Zishan. It was on her last year when they met, she never knew that there was always a secret route under her study table. While studying once in afternoon she heard giggling voice under table and when she bent down to hear them, with a slight push the secret door against wall became visible and then she pushed it opened up. Firstly Kiara was scared of going inside and calling her Mom, but the beautiful and scenic view of trees and flowers pulled her inside. She was barefoot and the grass of the round seemed so soft and different. She kept walking, saw different colored amazing flowers and trees, she never knew such kind of flora exists. Then near the river again heard the same giggle, who is there she said loudly but no response, she said again then she saw someone standing behind tree, she saw a hand and called again please come out my name is Kiara. He was fair in fact golden, his skin was shining in sunlight. Somehow Kiara was not scared of seeing him, when she looked at his face, his blue eyes were so deep, and she asked what your name is. My name is Kiara. He start touching her hair and said my name is Zishan. Kiara told him that she has come from the door near the garden as I Heard someone giggling from my room. Zishan told her that he was playing with his friends. Kiara asked where are your friends, Zishan called out his friends, Bobo the white tall cute bear and Kizolo the bright blue green red colored parrot. From that day till today all 4 of them are friends and meet almost every second day, play together, eat together.

Kiara friends know it’s her birthday today, they must have planned something big for her in her fantasy world. Kizolo would sing birthday song and Bobo will dance and Zishan must have arranged for a secret gift. Kiara feels so happy when she is in her fantasy world where there are no worries just happiness. She can’t tell anyone about it as no one will believe her. Kiara fantasy world and her best buddy Zishan will be with her only. They enjoy each others company, Zishan loves Kiara Mom cooked caramel custard and gajar halwa. It’s time for Kiara t0 go and meet her friends as she has to come back for her evening birthday party.

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