January 14, 2018

Ohh God! It’s 5 pm already, today’s Sunday and I still have no clue about which topics to choose for my Physics project tomorrow. The first lecture itself is Physics and Prashant sir is so stern that he will not buy any excuse for the delay considering the date was already extended by 3 days.

I wasted my whole day. I shouldn’t have fought with Zishan, but it was not my fault this time. He always has an issue even if I go for lunch with Ahaan and his group. Why does Zishan get so over protective about me, and that too when we are going around for almost one and a half year?

Ahaan is a good looking guy and is quite popular in school because of his voice and guitar play. He really sings well and all school girls are crazy for him. If he is being nice to me why should Zishan have so much problem. He should be proud, that his girlfriend is amongst the favorites of Ahaan.

And yes I do like the attention I get, I mean who doesn’t? But Zishan is a different person. I took a liking to him because of his intelligence. He is coming first in class since 2nd standard. And how can I forget all the academic help he has always extended to me. I opted for science only because I know that Zishan is there to support me. But now this is not working out. Every week we are arguing because of only one reason: Ahaan. I am aware that this is a culmination of events that have happened in past. Ahaan and I knew that if we tell Zishan every time we are meeting he will not take it positively so I always hid it and never thought that the update on Facebook will create so much trouble. Zishan didn’t speak with me for over a week till I promised him that I will never meet Ahaan.

Then again this having coffee together,  that too in school canteen spoiled everything. God why do you send Zishan everywhere.

I know I may be wrong but what is the harm in being with both guys, one is intelligent and the other is artistic. Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds. I am amongst the prettiest girls in school and Ahaan and I look cool together. Surely I need Zishan too. Without him I can’t get through with my studies. Zishan is a good guy but Ahaan is fun too.

Back to my Physics project, I am sure that even if I call Zishan late evening he will finish my project within an hour. Let me call him, I have to call him, convince him, assure him about not meeting Ahaan in future. But I need to figure out for myself what I want since I need both of them.


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