December 28, 2017

New Year is around the corner and every year 80% of people (adults and teenagers both) set up New Year resolutions and not even 5% stick to the same till end of January. Resolutions could be related to fitness, career, education, love, travel, quitting bad habits viz smoking, drinking, food types or any other. By making resolution one is trying to disrupt a pattern that is long existent which is extremely challenging.

It requires very strong will power and focus which I believe is not so common, until a person is extraordinary and only those extraordinary falls in 5% bracket.

I fail to understand this New Year resolution theory, if one is aware about any habit needs to be changed or started why they need to wait till New Year. Is it just like waiting for auspicious MUHURAT to begin? Once the realization happens, NOW is the time, no need to wait for January, let the month also relax. Afterall January has been facing all the load of broken resolutions since endless time.

For instance if a student is aware that scores needs to be improved, don’t wait for January to start, start studying today – start now. Likewise for fitness, don’t wait to start running or hit the gym till New Year, begin NOW.

Most of us have read about SMART goals (SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHEIVABLE, REALISTIC, TIMELY), key to achieve them is to set such goals, follow them and not pressurize January. All you need is discipline, positive reinforcement. Our body generally stop at 5 steps when our mind knows it can go upto 15, reaching 15 is what we need to focus on.

Self-doubt is a barrier one need to overcome, take each day and thing as it comes and keep on progressing towards achieving your set resolution. Small deviations may feel less sexy but that is where one start challenging their threshold and keeps on increasing it.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year

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