December 27, 2017

It’s Shanaya 21st birthday, she is not only becoming adult but at her peak whether it’s beauty, eagerness for life, love, career. The age is such, we all go through same, everything and everyone seems so good and rightful except parents. Though with experience ones perspective changes. Shanaya was very happy being studying her masters in business management, her school boyfriend Ahaan who is busy completing his engeeneering in other city. The distance has already started to create friction among them, though they are sustaining the so called girl friend boy friend relation they are into. Shanaya got a nice collage of their pics and her favourite cake as gift from Ahaan, but she is still not happy. Her hopes are not only increasing but changing.

During her summer internship she developed mutual strong liking towards Zishaan who is not just good looking but decently earning. And managed to throw a big night party for her and has gifted her a sexy dress as well to wear. Zishaan entry is creating lot of confusion……uncertainity…..questions in Shanaya life about Ahaan who is busy in the process of making his career.

Suddenly Ahaan small gifts which used to bring big smile on her face, have now became boring and shoddy. It’s not that she has started to love Zishaan deeply but is definitely pulled by his charm. Love itself is a mystifying topic since centuries, so no comments as to whether Shanaya is right or wrong in slightly loving both men.

Indeed, enthralled party it was and she looked ravishing. Shanaya had to say hundred lies to parents, to make it for party. Zishaan was captivated by her beauty and could not stop himself kissing her close lip lock. No one knew that Ahaan would have to witness this, Shanaya froze when she saw him standing. Pitiable Ahaan wanted to surprise her and Shanaya mother helped him with party address, which became exit address to their love relationship.

Zishaan was not sure what’s happening since he never heard of Ahaan. Ahaan moved quietly and never turned back. As far as Shanaya is concerned, she is going around with Zishaan telling her every now and then that’s it’s good to be with a mature guy. Love is boundless and nothing can define it completely, something which is right for Shanaya and Zishan turned out to be dissolute for Ahaan. Lucky Shanaya is that Ahaan didn’t retorted and moved out.

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