December 27, 2017

Hi Friends,

Seldom it happens that both Christmas and New Year falls on weekend.

Year 2017-18 is offering the same. Paradise for working class, whether you are party animal, single, married, family person…..u couldn’t have asked for more. Nearby destinations would already be full with booking. If one is looking for family get together, spending time at home with children’s and close friends….best time.

Party animals has all options going outstation….within city…even in house party.

Idea of party for families – males is all about good food, drinks, for females getting ornamented, children’s are happy with food n sweets.

Let’s talk about the real party segment which is in range of age group of 16-28. These guys party hard, males and females all follow similar rules. Look good….better and best among each other. Everyone needs best kind of attention one can get. Ultimately the pic posted on social media should get maximum likes and comments.

Party is all about good food……good alcohol…..good smoke…..good sex, it’s customary for both gals n guys. No marvel that food, booze has become parallel to sex…..even better.

There is nothing correct and incorrect about it, after all sex is equally important as food and booze. Subsequently the purpose is same….one end up being in a state of pleasure…..contentment…..gratification….and thus all are important.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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