December 27, 2017

Hi Friends,

As the title itself suggest, I am going to talk about a very sensitive topic which most of us are aware of, but tend to ignore. Prostitution has been part of our society since ages and trust me it is indispensable too. The reasons for a female or male to be a part of prostitution industry can vary viz personal, forceful, financial or easy money. But we are going to look at corporate prostitutes and it includes both male and female. Gone are the days, when until one has good number of years of experience can hold senior positions. Lots of young talent is holding senior positions and performing well for organisation.

Does corporate prostitution exists and whether it has any role to play in growth stories of young successful people.The answer varies with situation but yes it is a big contributor. It all depends on oneself, whether it is something one is fine with and can sleep over it. It is a GIVE and TAKE game, this GIVE and TAKE game gives one easy promotions, 6 figure salary, sexy bonuses and recognition. As i said earlier it depends on situation like kind on company, kind of people, organisation culture and of course on oneself. Ultimately you are the decision maker no-one will pounce on you, though the regret may be later at some point in time, on losing the benefits attached to it, remember it comes after you sell your integrity and soul.

Money, power is magnetic and we all work so hard for same, for some being part of this GIVE and TAKE game is fine for others its not. Saying NO is equally difficult with cut throat competition, though moral satisfaction is what you get in return if not luxuries. Good part in this modus operandi is, that GIVE and TAKE game is available for both males and females, fair chances to flair – no discrimination on basis of gender.

Its all about making choices, after all life is all about choices we make and choices we do not make.

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