December 27, 2017

Dear friends,

Corporate world for a fresher is more like Snowwhite in snowworld or Alice in wonderland, one don’t know how to proceed… to stand out among people in crowded room busy with their jobs. Only few get lucky to have a mentor to make journey easy.

Surely there are basic rules that helps which we follow since childhood like being mentally prepared for tough time ahead, well groomed, punctual, respectful to others, follow directions given, team player, ethical.

The basics can never go wrong, over and above would like to mention few more. Firstly professionalism, no matter to what level you grow be a professional, at workplace only work matters and nothing else.

Secondly keep learning, there is no shortcut to knowlegde, one should be aware about the subject matter and updates on same. Alongwith learning comes the third and most important point that is learning to say NO,  assertively say no when needed. Fourthly networking, in today’s scenario developing a good network is extremely important, you never know when a pink slip in on the way. Make connections be in touch with your seniors and colleagues.
Last but not the least work Smart and not Hard, smart work strategies is all you need to survive in cut throat competition.

Always remember you are the biggest brand ambassador of your own, never forget to highlight the benefits you are bringing to the organization.

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