December 27, 2017

Hi Friends,

Off late there has been upsurge in number of love marriages, not just in metro locations but in B, C and D categories city also. The reason are various, more connectivity due to affordable internet services and mobile phones, increase in co-education rather education of girl child, parents acceptance for intercaste marriages. Young girls and boys studying together, working together fall pray of cupid’s arrow and end up getting wedded. The real allegory starts from here, trust me it is more or less on lines of love stories like romeo and juliet or bollywood movies. Initial few months are wonderful lot of romance, physical intimacy, vows, care what not. On an average after 6 months cupid arrow start getting tired and small arguments start, mine favourite is you have changed you are not like before. Cupid’s arrow will not even sustain for 6 months if it’s a joint family. This results divorces in extreme scenario and extra marital affair…….very very common, again due to easy connectivity.

Let me assure you kids are not the solution to save marriage nor divorces and never infidelity, all it takes to save marriage is to have boundless trust and acceptance of each other. As I quoted above the common sentence that each couple in world would have quoted is, you have changed….you are not the same. For heaven’s sake accept it that every person change and that change is inevitable. When one is in college or working rather when one is single, responsibilities are limited not just towards each other but toward your own family. You are not required to look good, talk nicely and handle all work alone which is not same after marriage. Duties increase not only of women but men too, previously when you were meeting for few hours all you need to focus on is love and each others love.  Same is not applicable when you are married, there are tons of stuff to be focussed on, smell of perfumes, coffee dates and those butterflies in stomach all gets transformed into smell of spices in kitchen and sweat, family lunch dates and anger in heart.

We all need to introspect, no marriage is perfect just like no human being is. It’s so easy to break relationship and move on but it takes hell lot of courage to sustain relationship and be happy in it. Try to rekindle the romance part in marriage always, that newness should never die out. After all there is no medicine available to cure without expiry date but love can always heal and can never expire.

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