How to Stay Calm And Sane During Pandemic

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Get a Dog! That’s it...

A dog is equal to Joy, happiness, & staying active...

Guys, I am joking.

But in all seriousness, we have been living in a time of unprecedented change and Upheaval.

And even though we all have already sailed through almost 5 months, it can be hard to stay positive, calm, and sane every day. Especially, in the era that is dominated by media with COVID 19 news and death of some of our favourite Superstars & Sushant Singh Rajput Controversy.

 How and from where one can derive positivity?

Most importantly try limiting your social media consumption.

Books – Trust me Books are uniquely portable magic if you are a book person. Try it, you might realize you enjoy it and it is not like you have got plans anyways. ...Don't forget to pick one with your favorite start with

A Natural High – Look around – like everyone has picked up running. But running is not for everyone, it doesn’t have to be a marathon training. Choose what you like form Yoga, Zumba to meditation to a walk down the road. Just find what works for you.

Exercise helps keep me sane and positive. And thanks to technology, you can dive into lots of online options available.

Gratitude – During the lockdown, essential services continued and helped each of us stay safe and comfortable. Develop a sense of gratitude, this will help to override the worries. Will make you feel content and contentment is the greatest wealth. You can also keep a gratitude journal.

Listen to music and catch up on those pending list of movies and web series.

Let’s Get Virtual – Get that face time, date in. You will surely find yourself a whole lot happier for it. Zoom catch up with your friends over the weekend and daily evening with your lover (if he/she is sitting miles apart).

Embrace it as new normal and focus on building better relationships. Virtual dating will unleash the other side of your partner as they are in their zones. While I understand the absence of physical intimacy is an obvious concern, but romancing remotely might have its benefits. As you will start to cherish and long for intimate moments more.

Also, virtual dating can work for those who do not wish to make a serious commitment. But beware of fake profiles. Virtual dating can be used not to just stay connected but also to satisfy sexual needs in lockdown, it is being used to spice up mundane life.  

 Over to you guys....Positivity can sometimes be hard to find. We are all different and have different ways of coping with situations. But there is a silver lining always, we can use this time to focus on ourselves – Introspect.

Try one of the above suggested. You might end up surprising yourself or you could always just get a Dog. I will prefer a Labrador Retriever...


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