Men and Emotions - Does it even sound right?


Sometimes….ALWAYS men can be a mystery to the opposite gender, it probably makes me wonder, how even men can get emotionally attached when they are unemotional beings.

All of my loving, compassionate women out there, at some point in time, in your relationship, you must have encouraged your men to talk and share their feelings. But what we end up getting is “deep, radio, never-ending silence”. And it makes our belief firmer that: He is still that caveman”.

Let me try to break it down further that how we can get through to him.

a. Men often aren’t encouraged to talk about their feelings. They’re sometimes discouraged from doing so. Additionally, men often tend to shy away from vulnerable conversations. 

Research has shown that men and women experience and express emotions in similar ways, but social norms dictate how men are supposed to behave. Men are forced to conform to traditional masculine norms. However, it is important to recognize that men have emotions, and encouraging them to express their emotions can help break the stereotype.

b. Men are also “Brush it off” kind.  This is basic men's psychology, instead of facing difficult feelings, they are more solution-focused.

In general, for women, discussing a problem (without jumping to a solution) is relieving and makes the problem more manageable. Men tend to be the type who hear about a problem and jump in with an answer to fix it.

c. How to get them talking – let them acknowledge and admit it loud that it’s a problem and they are struggling – this is hard. Now comes the hardest part, combat the shame that comes with not being man enough to handle it on their own. At this juncture, they need encouragement to learn a new way of thinking and dealing in a way that they haven’t done previously. Once they know that releasing emotions is good for health too, there Is no looking back.

Men & Love Emotions:

If men are a mystery, then love is one of the greatest mysteries, and figuring out if they are in love can be even more confusing. So what does it look like when men are in love? Is love & sex different for men?

We have heard that men are more visual, while women take an emotional approach to arousal, but that is not so true. Human sexuality is wide and diverse — and it’s not simply gender-defined.

2019 meta-analysis found that nervous system responses to sexual images weren’t linked to gender. Fisher’s research also suggests that both men's and women's approaches to love and sex are very similar.

What do men experience when in love?

One of the simplest ways to tell if a man is in love is the 7 Cs framework, which stands for compatibility, commitment, compassion, compromise, consideration, and captivation. Follow this framework and decide.

Also, men feel an increased desire to protect their partners when they are in love to keep them secure in addition to hormonal rush, sense of euphoria, and consummation.

Finally, when men are in love, you won't be left guessing, some men are more overt others may be subtle. However, when it comes to understanding when men are in love, the real answer lies in their actions rather than words.

Prause explains, “Interestingly, both men and women rate sex with love feelings as more sexually satisfying on average.

But love is still something that people feel and experience, even if it can’t always be physically measured.

Love is an intense emotion, and when men are in love, it’s hard for them to hide it.

So keep exploring and understanding your man.



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