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Love is a heavenly emotion that has the power to move nations, yet people can’t stop falling in love. Time freezes over when the love of our life is around. But what about unrequited lovers?

What is unrequited /one-sided love?

Let me tell you about Zishan's story.

In the crowd Zishan's fatigued eyes were ardently waiting for Naisha. Suddenly his friend poked him from behind and questioned him chidingly about how long this is going to continue. Zishan and his friend both walked away with him smiling and with Zishan's inner voice answering (I really don’t know….). And the routine continued every day. Zishan would spend hours just to get one glance at Naisha. 

Zishan was in head over heels about Naisha, (but he wasn’t aware of anything about her, other than her name), maybe he was fascinated by her beauty or maybe she was the one in her life or maybe it was love at first sight but the admiration for her never faded away and as days passed on it grew even stronger and he was so persistent in his  admiration, which always resulted in pain, yet he never backed down.

Probably that’s how unrequited love works.

In this kind of love, the beloved may not even be aware of the admirers' romantic affection or intentionally reject it.

“Love is the biggest curse to the people who are Introverts in One Sided Love”

However, that’s only one side of the coin. Agreed there is unconditional love, but it isn’t anybody's cue to be loved back and the process of continuous persuasion will occasionally make you depressed, sometimes making you psychotic.

Unrequited love can be a pain in the ass, but that shouldn’t decide your road to the future, although you can burn it to the positivity in your life.

Psychiatrist Eric Berne states in his book Sex in Human Loving that "Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner.

How to get over the Pain of Unrequited Love:

1. There is no way. Rejection hurts. Your heart is broken. Start with, acknowledging that you are injured, and you need to take care of yourself. You need to nurture yourself.

2. You are not alone – according to a survey report 97% of people suffered from unrequited love at one time or another.

3. Talk it out with somebody who sees from your perspective, you just need someone who listen and understands you

4. Be happy that you loved, I mean it takes immense strength to love someone.

5. Spend some time with people who love you, follow your passion, be busy.

6. Don’t be ashamed or regretful but learn from this situation. Next time you feel yourself moving in that direction, your heightened awareness will help you recognize the dynamic and not fall into a similar predicament. 

Go out and find love, true love cannot remain hidden for long. True love crosses all barriers to find the one made for you.


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