Self Care - Being a Mom

“I love cleaning up the mess I didn’t I became a MOM.”

Shanaya was recently asked at an office dinner what she did for self-care.

She was like "Self-care?" She scoffed. "What the hell is that?"

Her husband had been out of town for several weeks and she was doing all the jobs: mom, dad, cook, cleaner, etc. She wasn't getting enough sleep or enough alone time. Self-care was the last thing she could think of.

Why did these bachelorettes and newlywed women always have to discuss about exercise, yoga, meditation, clubbing, zumba and what not....and of course boyfriends and all young cute guys around. Such conversation was adding to Shanaya's stress , making her feel as if she had nothing to contribute or nothing to enjoy in the conversation.

While driving back home, she thought who knew self-care could be so stressful?? 

Over the weekend she introspected about it. For Shanaya, merely working out didn't sound like self-care. She is aware she needs to set a good example for her kids, though.  

"Ohhh, but that’s not me!!!"

Maybe over the weekend when the kids are busy with their extracurriculars, that time she could use for self-care. Shanaya could show her kids that it's just as important to take care of oneself, because if Mom isn't happy, nobody's happy. But she thought, did she really want to make yet another list, she would probably be giving up on? It was getting so tiresome for Shanaya. 

She had no clue where to begin.

What is self-care?

What else counts as self-care?

She tried Google too but it was even more stressful, tons of lists which were more or less workout, workout and workout.

Then she called up Zishan (Shanaya's husband), firstly Zishan couldn’t stop laughing as to why she was breaking her head over some useless thought, than tell herself in simple words "self care is nothing but something big or small that you do which gives you happiness, contentment and releases your stress. Even if its 15 minutes a day sometime that you devote to your own self, it could be anything as small as enjoying your morning tea peacefully." 

Shanaya's perspective immediately changed and she was started thinking of how wonderfully every time Zishan would just solve her all small, big issues / confusions.

That’s what better halves are made for anyway.

Now she knew what she had to do, she made a list and that was so easy.

1. Read a book – She always loved reading. Not a big target- one book each year to start with.

2. Pamper at the saloon – Anyway that was a necessity and she was doing it also.

She thought Self-care is easy! I'm killing this list!

3. Take a walk - First thought was, "To where?" park, store, than she thought easiest is walk after dinner with Zishan and kids around neighbourhood and on weekends to the ice cream parlor. And will walk up stairs at office, wow I have workout too in my list now.

4. Cook awesome meals - That's so relaxing, cooking for the family. I never knew it can be counted as self care but thanks to Zishan.

5. Hug and kiss Zishan for at least 30 seconds to boost the immune system – Going to start it as routine, it's fun too.

6. Laugh - A good laugh each day with office colleagues (as my self care list is also ready to contribute in conversations), friends and family.

Shanaya never knew it would be so easy and this list will keep on adding up; small vacations, music, movies and so on.

Self care is so easy, it’s just the mindset. All of these small easy recharges for busy, over-worked, stressed out Moms. Please start your list and don’t ever compare your list with anyone else. Just make sure that you're mindful of what you're choosing to do to care for yourself.

Include hugs and kisses to kids too as self care.



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