Rebel Shanaya

March 10, 2018

Oh, God! Please oh please oh please!
Dad should not be coming to school with me, some emergency has to crop up so that he sends Masi for the meeting instead.
It has been 10 years since I lost my mother to cancer. I was just 4 then and hardly have any vivid memories of her. My Masi has become my Mom since then.

Dad has been always busy with his business meetings and travel.
All I get from him, are nice expensive gifts, lavish parties on my Birthdays and harsh scoldings every time I give him my report card for his signature.

Every time, I fail to understand, if he cannot give me his time for studies or for leisure why does he become my Dad only when it comes to studies. And my continuous complaints from teachers for not studying, my misbehavior and bunking classes. On top of that my math and science tutor who never has anything good to say about me. Fact is I don’t like math and science, I understand nothing when it comes to numbers to whatever extent I try, math and science problems seem to be taking an infinite time for resolution so I drop them and don’t waste my time and mind.

But Dad is Dad and is insistent that I should focus on numbers as I will have to join his business sooner or later. Today's open house would be the same as always, Dad will come home, scold me, give me a lecture for at least 40 minutes then we will not talk for few days and when we will talk, some argument will open up and it will go on and on.

I really don’t know what I want and what to focus on. Maybe if Mom would have been there things would have been different. Masi always insists me to have an open dialogue with Dad so that our arguments get converted into meaningful conversations and that I should also get an insight into his expectations from me.
"Shanaya we are getting late, let's go, I have a meeting later at 12" , Dad called out loudly.

When we reached school, Sister Barich handed over my report card, red marks again in math and science as I expected and the same as every year: Promoted with a warning!

Though I scored well in English, Social Sciences, Computers, and Hindi, Dad didn't say anything this time in the car. Instead he called up his manager to cancel the meeting and took me to my favorite Cafe. He ordered my favorite coffee and sandwiches with fries. I was clueless as to what was going on.
Dad started, "Shanaya I think it is high time to start talking and understand your thought process. You are 14 and reaching adolescence. Time has come that we became friends. I may not have invested time understanding issues you face and I am not just talking about Math and Science, but in general.
You have your board exams next year. From today,  we will work together and I am confident that you will fare well. Please feel free to approach me for any disconnect you face on any matter. I am there to listen and resolve that. I know you enjoy playing table tennis. If you wish to pursue that professionally I am fine with that. After your school is over, we will apply for your admission in Sania’s Hyderabad academy."

I just said, "Thanks, Dad."
I was shocked! I never thought that Dad would take our relationship to the next level and that too in such a mindful manner. I am thankful to God and will give my best to fulfill my Dad's expectations.

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