Torrential Rains of Mumbai & A Blossoming Love Story

June 30, 2018

It has been just a month since college has started and we are now in July, and with July start the unpredictable rains. I miss riding my Activa to school which was just in the next lane. With college, started all struggle of traveling by the local train which is tiring and with rains, it is all the more worst, but, that has not reduced the excitement of college. Now I have all the freedom, so many activities to do. I worked so hard in 12th grade just to get admitted in Xavier's for my graduation in Commerce. This college has always fascinated me due to its value in the market, location, and the crowd. I mean who wanted to miss the charm of SoBo. Being an average looking girl, one can't deny the excitement of getting ready every day just to catch the attention of good looking and cool guys. It fuels you up.
And, here comes my train. With quite some struggle I finally got a place to stand in one corner.
I was not able to locate him today, this fair handsome guy should be around 25-26, our eyes met every day in the local. This is the first time since my travels began last month that he is not there, he looks like the North Indian Punjabi or Kashmiri guy to me. After all tall fair good looking guys are rare in Mumbai, unlike Delhi. As Mumbai is a cosmo you find all set of people. And being an average looking Maharashtrian girl it really feels good to get some attention. He might be on leave today I think. The day went through in a buzz. It was just fine today. I am expecting to see him tomorrow morning, Ganpati Bappa, please ensure that he comes. 
I looked in the gents compartment so many times but he's not there today as well, I really hope he is fine. Today we have a small hangout plan after college, and are going to the Kala Ghoda.
Its 8 pm now and its pouring, streets are on the verge of becoming swimming pools, I hope that the trains are running. I managed to reach the local station, all trains are canceled and the platform is so crowded, this kind of rainy mess I am facing for the first time. It's 8.45 already and people are waiting for the train to start since last 1.5- 2 hours and no trains are running due to water logging on railway tracks. What should I do, parents would be worried.
Oh, God! Is it really him, he is already walking towards me. He said, "Hi, I am waiting for the train since the last 1 hour and I have already booked a cab, shall I drop you? ”. I mean what more I could have asked for! I said Yes! Yes! Yes!
We started and I initiated the conversation. I told him that my name is Sonali Deshpande to which he immediately replied; " So, you are Maharashtrian mulgi." I gathered strength to ask him you were not there in morning yesterday and today. He laughed out so loudly and said "So, you were looking for me?" I got embarrassed and told him that it's nothing like that but yesterday I did notice. He said, he was not keeping well and had come to the office today in the second half. I am working with BSE  and asked me what I am studying. What's your name? I asked. He said my name is Zishan Khan and I am from Srinagar but my family has settled in Mumbai since the last 15 years. He said “Good you got late today and thank the rains that we got a chance to travel together. We exchanged numbers and he dropped me home. This was just the beginning of a chain of messages and frequent meetings, let us see where we will land up.

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